Monday, March 2, 2015

CCBC Diversity Logs on Pinterest

screen cap of CCBC Pinterest page

 For those of you interested in keeping up to date with new books by and about people of color, the CCBC now maintains a Pinterest site with a visual record, CCBC Diversity Logs.

In addition to books by and about African Americans, American Indians, Asian Pacific Americans and Latinos, we will also keep track there of three other categories of books we're frequently asked about:
  • Books featuring characters with disabilities
  • Books set in the Middle East, or about characters of Middle Eastern heritage set elsewhere
  • Books with LGBTQIA characters 
As with our diversity logs in general, not every book noted is recommended by the CCBC. It's just a record of what we're seeing. We will, however, include a link to any reviews or discussion the CCBC posts for the books included in the diversity log.

(Please note that you do need to have a Pinterest account to access the content but you can sign up for free.)


  1. Thank you for putting together a pinterest board! Here is a book from a friend of mine for the native american board

  2. Thanks, Araceli. We received HUNGRY JOHNNY in 2014 and haven't included it on our Pinterest page because we're only logging books published in 2015. I hope Cheryl Minneapolis will have some new books out in the near future.3